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Raycast and Script Commands

The first headline on says it all:

“Level up your productivity.”

If you’re a Mac user, you’re likely familiar with Spotlight, maybe Alfred. Raycast is a similar tool that is more advanced than Spotlight and “nicer” than Alfred.

I’ve started using it, and I’ve really been enjoying it, mostly for the following reason:

Script Commands

While Raycast has several built-in extensions and is starting a developer program to allow developers to build their own extensions, Raycast was released with support for Script Commands, which allows developers like me to write scripts to execute tasks on demand in a modal type interface. I’ve already published several from creating a GitHub Gist to saving a URL to the Wayback Machine, and I’m thinking of new ones all the time.

I’ve already had several conversations with the project lead, and am really excited about extensions and what else Raycast will be able to do soon!

If you want to level up your productivity, definitely check out Raycast!