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Action Scheduler

Action Scheduler is a library for triggering a WordPress hook to run at some time in the future (or as soon as possible, in the case of an async action). Each hook can be scheduled with unique data, to allow callbacks to perform operations on that data. The hook can also be scheduled to run on one or more occasions.

Originally created by Prospress (the creators of WooCommerce Subscriptions, acquired by Automattic), Action Scheduler is a “scalable, traceable job queue for background processing large queues of tasks in WordPress.” It is very robust, and very simple to use. And for a developer of my skill, an easy and enjoyable plugin to develop.

And contribute I have: at the moment of writing this, I have authored 30 issues and PRs, and contributed ~500 lines of code. My largest contribution (not yet merged) will be for the command-line interface (CLI).

Contributing to open source projects is my recommended way to learn, keep growing, and to stay busy. If you’ve an idea for Action Scheduler, or need support, create a GitHub issue, or reach out to me directly!




A drop-in for WordPress sites and themes to make managing collections of data and entities easier. Accessing top-level collections in WordPress are easy, but subsets of those can be more difficult. Collection fixes that.

Collection is… well, pretty much anything: IDs, colors, keys, text snippets, images… anything in WordPress. I frequently needed to access a subset of posts, pages, products, events, etc., and creating a Collection keeps those subsets readily available. Think of it as a fancy array of data.

continue reading on my GitHub

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Image Tag

Image Tag


Whenever you upload an image to WordPress, multiple sizes of that same image are created. WordPress natively generates versions of the image in the following sizes (can be adjusted in Settings > Media):

  • 150px x 150px (hard crop)
  • 300px x 300px
  • 768px x 768px
  • 1024px x 1024px

This is really cool, because it means when you insert an image into a blog post, the properly sized image for your visitor’s device will be displayed (since WordPress 4.4).

But for a custom theme or plugin developer, reproducing that behavior is a lot of work, especially on top of everything else to go with properly implementing an image.

And thus, I created Image Tag (a.k.a. Image_Tag), a helper class for generating img tags within WordPress.

This Is Where We Go

This Is Where We Go

My first project with Flagler College, and working with my sister, this was a fun and exciting project! An interactive mini-site mapping Flagler student’s favorite locations for food, relaxing, coffee, and sight-seeing, it’s purpose is to introduce potential future students to all that there is to do in St. Augustine.

Just some basic changes to the homepage and checkout process, but it was my first project where the client’s product is available at my grocery store.

When I agreed to be the contracted lead web developer for Blossom Creative, I got to work developing our agency’s website right away. Without a doubt, one of my best developed sites to date: you can read on some of the scripts and challenges we faced on my blog post. Check it out, and if you need an agency, consider Blossom Creative!

One of my first projects while working at Arranging Pixels/BrandCo, this site jump started my development creativity. Custom scrollers and AJAX calls make the site interactive and compliment the beauty of the client’s own photography.

First off, I really like this site’s color scheme. 🙂 Another site using WordPress to give the client control of their content was a major win for the management of the north Florida region of KW. Even the “Top Producers” tables on the homepage are within WordPress, easily manageable by the client themselves, without need to contact any technically-inclined person: client win.

One look, and you can tell: there’s a lot of content on this site. Just like all other sites, keeping the client in control of their website and content is critical: WordPress makes it easy. Not only can you search for homes, but you can also find contact info as well as a bio for their 100+ real estate agents, all managed by the client through WordPress.

Another project I picked up after development, I’ve done a lot of cleanup and integrated several performance improvements for Blackfinn, as well as presenting several major changes to their site structure, to make management and usability better. Working with the team at Brand Architecture to make this site function better and add new features has been great, helping them keep their client happy and satisfied with their web presence.

Starting as Arranging Pixels, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to be with this creative agency as they re-branded themselves to be BrandCo. While working at BrandCo for 2.5 years as the senior web developer, I worked closely with designers as we planned out our client websites, and then developed them into functioning websites, all the while interacting with the clients, hearing their thoughts and opinions to create a website that served their business and customers better.

This project was probably the first “large” site I ever developed: lots of content being shared across multiple pages. Using WordPress, I was able to keep the site manageable, but also allow it to be as large as the client requested: no entering content in multiple places! Certainly, a lot of fun planning this site out, and really exciting to have launched it into the wild.

Definitely my most favorite site to date: no part of this site was boring. With so much content to present regarding each aircraft, teaching WordPress to connect and manage the content was lots of fun, and challenging. The site was heavily mapped out, in order to see where content overlapped, keeping code efficiency as high as possible. Not only is it a beautiful site to look at, it’s also beautiful to work with: the backend was developed to match the frontend of the site as tightly as possible, making adding and positioning content as easy for the client as possible. Again, another win for the client.

Without a doubt, one of the most beautiful designs I’ve ever developed, the creative team at LIMU was really exciting to work with. Completely responsive with edge-to-edge photography and videos topped with floating content, developing this site to load quickly and work inside of WordPress was a great challenge providing lots of learning opportunities: multiple editors make this site beautiful, but keep the power and control in the hands of the client, while delivering content as quickly as possible.

From start to present day, working on this project has had it’s challenges, but it’s definitely been fun, keeping the site up-to-date with the movements of the growing business. Recently, the site has moved to WP Engine (read on why I recommend WP Engine), and we’re currently making several facelifts to the site, including a separate theme to serve mobile devices.

I have been working with Caleb for more than 2 years and everything has been amazing!  I have used many different developers for different websites over the years and none of them came close to the level of experience and customer service as Caleb Stauffer.  I am a customer for life.  Thank you!

— Ben Sencenbaugh, Vice President at The Realty Medics

While I wasn’t part of the initial design/development process for this project, I’ve made a lot of enhancements to this international Jeep accessory manufacturer’s e-commerce website, and am currently serving as the active developer for this project: making feature changes and keeping the site in tip-top running shape.

Caleb and CSS have been a huge help to our business over the last 8 years.  It is very comforting to know that we have an attentive, trustworthy and extremely talented person at the helm of our businesses backend system.  We would recommend Caleb and CSS to anyone.

— Chris Plaisance – CEO – SPIDERWEBSHADE, Inc.