Caleb Stauffer Style

Been A Long While

Yeah, it’s been a long while: 3.5 years ago I started a full-time job as lead web developer for a creative agency… that kept me pretty busy. And stressed.

I’m back in the free world, enjoying it, and getting healthy; well, as much as can be expected with COVID-19 running wild. I’ve learned and done a lot the past three years; here are some highlights:

  • customized and managed a WooCommerce store making millions in annual revenue
  • integrating unit testing for my WordPress plugins Collection and Image Tag
  • performed code reviews and educated junior devs on best practices
  • performed analysis and optimized server performance and page loads (including a complete site rebuild to remove a page builder)

As for what’s next: I’m not really sure. I mean there’s certainly contract web development work, and right now I’m learning continuous integration with Travis CI, but beyond that, especially post-COVID-19? Let’s just wait and see.

Glad to be back.